Hi there.

I am an IT project manager, and an IT team leader (> 11/2020), working for CNRS at the ISEM institute, Montpellier, with a strong experience as {Dev,}Ops engineer. Indeed, I started there in 2011 as a linux sysadmin and DevOps, for a computing and bioinformatic shared platform, MBB.

I am working for the CNRS since 2007; my first job at CNRS was a sysadmin job in a chemical laboratory, where I managed the entire IT infrastructures and services during 4 years.

Previous experiences included education sector (linux sysadmin at Unimes university, office automation and computing history teaching in university, IT responsible in a secondary school) and small experiences in IT companies.

I am mainly interested in OpenSource projects, and particularly those with a lot of automation (SaltStack, k8s, OpenStack, ...). I am also interested in virtualization technologies, security, etc.